(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. If the CoShop Organizer requires a prepayment, what guarantee do I have that the CoShop Organizer will deliver?

Yiqipo CoShopping is a platform that facilitates group shopping between a CoShop Organizer and a group of CoShoppers. It is best suited for situations where neighbors shop together, or friends organize shopping amongst themselves. Yiqipo does not collect payment from CoShoppers and therefore is not in a position to refund CoShoppers in case of dispute.

Yiqipo will check the content of a CoShop before allowing the CoShop to open if the CoShopper has never put up a CoShop before, unless it is a registered company that is permitted to sell the products being offered.

For such first-time CoShop Organizers, we will also only allow Cash on Delivery option as the CoShop's payment method in the first 3 CoShops that they organize.

We advise that you choose only CoShops that allow Cash On Delivery if you are not confident about the reliability of the CoShop Organizer.