About CoShopping

What is CoShopping?

It is a tech-enabled way to buy something together with other people. Clearly, you will do that when there are advantages to do so, compared with buying something by yourself, such as:
  • when it is difficult for people to go to the seller, eg. during a community quarantine;
  • when delivery fee is high;
  • when there is volume discount, the price is lower if more is sold in a single order;
  • when an item is sold only in bulk, e.g. by a case which contains 20 bottles of wine or beer or pieces of fruits.

What is a CoShop?

A CoShop is like a store that offers one or more products for inclusion in the group-buying (or CoShopping) effort. People who would like to join in the CoShopping of the products offered can place orders to the CoShop.

The person who initiates the CoShopping effort is a CoShop organizer, and he/she is responsible for putting up the virtual CoShop, collecting payment and fulfulling the orders.

A CoShop has a single cut-off date for ordering, and a single delivery date, on which the order will be delivered to all the participants in the CoShop. After the delivery date, the CoShop will cease to exist.

Why CoShop with Yiqipo (pronounced yi-chi-po) ?

  • Yiqipo makes sure CoShops provide all the important information you need to decide on the transaction
  • Yiqipo makes it easy to place an order. You do not have to copy and paste item information and your own contact detail in each order
  • Yiqipo enables CoShop organizers to offer various forms of discounts
  • Your contact and account details will not be seen by other coshoppers

Who can be CoShop Organizers?

A CoShop Organizer is a person who runs a CoShop on Yiqipo, and is willing to undertake the responsibility to fulfill the orders placed on the CoShop. CoShop organizer will also have to arrange for delivery/pick-up of the items ordered.

A CoShop Organizer can be:

  • a business owner who wants to sell bulk volume only, or
  • a person who wants to buy only a small volume of an item that are: sold only in bulk, or has high delivery charge, or give big discount when sold in bulk