About CoTouring

with DiscoverPhilippines.com

What is CoTouring

Cotouring is a way of organizing tours so that the participants get the greatest benefit of traveling in a group. Cotouring has the following features:
  1. Each CoTour has only one pick up point.
    Participants will not have to spend time in the tour bus waiting for it to pick up other tour participants at other locations.
  2. The cost per head can go down as the number of participants increases.
    Why should the cost per head be the same for one participant or 10 participants? Since 10 people do not need 10 tour buses or 10 tour guides, for example, the per head cost should go down as the number of participants increases, right? CoTouring facilitates this variable price structure.

    There is a base cost for each participant when the minimum number of participants is met, but the final cost per head will be set two days before a tour starts, and it can only go down.

    Not only will this result in lower per head cost, but a tour is more likely to materialize, even with only a handful of participants.
  3. Clear and complete information about the tour
    We screen the tour information uploaded by organizers. Where will the stops be? Is entrance fee included? Do we need to tip the driver, or pay for his lunch? We check the itinerary to make sure that all important information is included, so that your tour will be worry-free
  4. No full payment required upon booking
    We only need participant to pay a part of the tour cost upon reservation (around 30% of the cost), and the balance is to be paid on the day of the tour when you meet the tour organizer.
  5. Sustainable tourism.
    Our tour organizers will provide water dispenser on their vehicle, so that you do not have to buy plastic bottles of water.
  6. Get information about the Tour Organizer
    Even for the same destination, different organizers have different style. Choose the ones that meet your preferences.

    (Those listed in Viator do not show the tour organizer's info, but if it is also listed in Tripadvisor, then it will have tour operator information, e.g. Yolo, or the organizer deliberately leave info on the tour itinerary, like Baron Travel in Heritage Day Trip to Las Casas Filipinas)
  7. Quality over quantity
    We want the tours offered to be of good quality and value to our members. We do not aim to have the largest number of tours, but we work hard to make sure those that we have give satisfaction to our customers.
  8. Integrated travel journal
    When you join a tour on Discoverphilippines.com's CoTouring platform, you get to use an easy- to-use online travel journal to record memorable sceneries and thoughts that you encounter during your travel.
  9. DiscoverPhilippines.com is the first company that offers CoTouring in the Philippines, and indeed in the world. We work hard to be your long term travel partner.